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Southern Wallowa Ski Atlas

Southern Wallowa Ski Atlas

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New paper-back full color large format(10x10)  backcountry skiing guide book for the Southern Wallowa/Eagle Cap mountains in northeast Oregon. The Wallowa Mountains have an allure and mystique unlike any other range. Unlock those secrets to skiing the Wallowa Mountains in this 150+ page book.  The Wallowa Mountains are easily the most underrated in regards to backcountry skiing and those that have skied there, know how special and vast the ski terrain is. This backcountry skiing guidebook includes trailheads, access points, snowmobile routes, maps, ski routes, slope angle, vertical, mileage, and everything else you will need to plan your next backcountry ski trip into this hidden gem of a mountain range.

Includes high quality aerial photos of the Buck Creek Yurt area, Norway Camp area, Cornucopia Camp area,  along with every mountain  in the southern Wallowas, spanning from Moss Springs to Cornucopia.

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